Hard Chew Variety Bundle


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Key Benefits:

Sure to keep the strongest of super chewers busy
Hours of chewing entertainment
100% Natural
No Preservatives or Binding Agents
Supports and promotes oral health



Do you struggle to find healthy outlets to occupy and delight your super chewer? Keep them busy with the Himalayan Dog Chew Hard Chew Variety Bundle. Even the toughest super chewers will be occupied with our Hard Chew Bundle, packed with some of our hardest density chews! Be it our Mixed Size Original Himalayan Dog Chew, Large Smoked Bully Bone, or 12″ yakyStick – This bundle was built for the toughest chewers known to pupkind. As an added bonus, the Hard Chew Variety Bundle also comes with our Chew Buffet variety pack to provide added entertainment and dental health support.